Screen sharing ,Video and Audio are NOT working

Mar 5, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Edited Mar 6, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Dear All,

We have successfully build vcca app and we have connected UC_WEB_Platform(agent/welcome) and UC_WEB_Kiosk(kiosk/welcome) bothe are connecting fine.

1.Text chatting is working fine but screen sharing and Audio settings and video settings are not working.

when we try to handle these settings the UCTX  component was download and installed successfully but not loaded into window when we click the "View Unit in new window" link. always shows "Start" button is enabled and remaining buttons are disabled.

we have successfully  installed in IIS  UC_WEB_Platform and UC_WEB_Kiosk as per Collaborative _Video_Application_Setup_Documentation_Open_Source_App.pdft.document.

But we are unabale to do Setting up the Conference Server
Run CS service:
1. Configure CS.config.
2. Register service. Execute "..\Service Commands\reg.bat".
2. Start service. Execute "..\Service Commands\start.bat".

How to do above steps? and  we are unable to find  .bat files.

"Settings of configuration file:" --- which configuration file we  will modify? please specify configuration filename.


we are unable to understand where is the problem?  and what we did wrong.

our management asking for video conference and desktop sharing so how to do this using this App.

please give to us your suggestions regarding this.

Thank you ,