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To build and run the solution the following software is required:

1)      Visual Studio 2010;

2)      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later;

3)      Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Redistributable Package (

The build process is simple: it is necessary to open solution in Visual Studio and select Build -> Build Solution menu item.

The Application works with a database, so it is necessary to create the database to be able to run and debug the solution. To create the database:

1)      Connect to database engine using SQL Management Studio;

2)      Create a new database, select a name for the new database (for example UC_DB_TESTING);

3)      Run script trunk\ucweb\db\tables.sql on the recently created database;

4)      Run script trunk\ucweb\db\proc.sql on the recently created database;

5)      Run script trunk\ucweb\db\init_data.sql on the recently created database.

After the database is created it is necessary to update database connection strings in configuration files:

1)      UCENTRIK.Properties.Settings.UcConnectionString connection string in trunk/ucweb/src/UC_DATASETS/app.config;

2)      UCENTRIK.Properties.Settings.UcConnectionString connection string in trunk/ucweb/src/UC_WEB_Kiosk/Web.config;

3)      UCENTRIK.Properties.Settings.UcConnectionString connection string in trunk/ucweb/src/UC_WEB_Platform/Web.config.

Provide the correct database server name, database name and login credentials:

<add name="UCENTRIK.Properties.Settings.UcConnectionString" connectionString="server=[SERVER]; user=[USER]; password=[PASSWORD]; database=[DATABASE]; Connection Timeout=10; Connection Reset=False; Min Pool Size = 20; Max Pool Size=2000;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

After the database is created and the database connection strings are updated it is possible to run and debug solution.

UC_WEB_Kiosk and UC_WEB_Platform projects are web-application projects. They can be started with/without debugging or published to IIS.

If running/debugging the Kiosk application the following pre-populated credentials may be used:

User name: kiosk

Password: welcome

If running/debugging the Platform application the following pre-populated credentials may be used:

User name: agent1

Password: welcome

Note: Complete Application Setup Instructions are in the attached PDF File.

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